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U2Seekhub - Tips
U2SeekHub - Setup
U2SeekHub - Rules

- The U2SeekHub is for sharing unofficial U2 Live Media only.

- TBs (Terrabytes !) of U2 Bootlegs.

- All you need is the software to connect: DC++ or CZDC++

- There is a U2-Knowledge-Game where you can test your knowledge about U2. International Championships are held: previous have won many dvds full of U2 Bootlegs!

- The U2SeekHub is a private hub which means that a registration is necessary.

  To register for the U2SeekHub send an e-mail with your

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Username

  • Password

    You will be notified by mail. It may take few days...

- Finally, there are rules that are enforced by the operators.




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